Wednesday, October 21, 2009

RV's, Auto DJ, and When Did I Get That?

Another day of looking at buses online and talking to sellers. I've got the list narrowed down to 20 and many are with private parties. This weekend should be fun.......gonna go look at them all. Now the top 3 considerations for the RV are:

1. How many does it sleep.....can only stack the kids so high.
2. Storage.....more on that later.
3. Exterior Wall Space......Huck and her paintbrush.

Blockhead Radio is my baby. Well not literally, but as far as an inanimate object goes. The station will go to an online Auto DJ. That way the music will play 24/7. I've been looking at different companies cause of my trust issue. I won't be around everyday to make sure all is OK. I have it narrowed down to 2 companies and just gonna flip a coin. I will be adding music and more to the station every week. Right now we are planning a live show every Saturday. We hope to meet the listeners as we travel and get together with them.

As Huck and I were going through totes today, OK mostly Huck, she would ask me if I wanted to keep something or not. To be honest.......I don't remember getting it, it has been packed away, so I guess I don't really need it. Sell it. As we continue this process I hope to find a stash of money I tucked away and forgot about.

Well, gotta get back to Google maps and get this road trip kind of planned out. The big question today is NC or GA for Christmas.

Talk to ya soon.


  1. NC for Christmas . It is an awesome state !

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